Security Alert on Malware in circulation Targeting Equity Bank E-banking






Dear Customer,

We would like to bring to your attention that there has been recent reports of new Malware  targeting our online banking customers. Malware is malicious software that is designed by fraudsters to disrupt computer operation and gain sensitive information from the targeted individuals which the fraudsters can use for their own selfish gains.

The malware is being distributed via fake emails. Please be advised that these emails are NOT FROM Equity Bank Ltd as purported.

Analysis done by our information Security team has established that the link contains a malicious file that once the link named “Click Here To Activate Your Account” is clicked, the malicious file is automatically downloaded and installed into a victim’s computer without their knowledge and will attempt to steal their login and authorisation information.

If you receive such an email,  do not click on the link named “Click Here To Activate Your Account”. Delete the email immediately.

Incase you clicked on the link, Install anti-virus and anti-malware software in your computer or mobile device and ensure it is updated. Do a whole scan on your computer or mobile device.

Ensure regular update of such anti-virus software and scan your computer or mobile device regularly.

Please be vigilant when banking online.

Kindly note the following tips to protect your computer or mobile device:-

·         Equity Bank will not request customers to reset their Online Banking passwords through emails.

·         Do not login to Equity Online Banking portal from any link provided via email or any other source.

·         Always type in the URL address ( manually or ensure this URL is bookmarked in your browser for ease of access.

·         Customers who have forgotten their passwords must visit an Equity Bank branch to request for new password reset pin.

·         Our online Banking site has self-service option for customers to change passwords under the “Personal Profile tab as shown below:


·         Avoid unknown and unsecured websites. Do not download unknown mobile applications.

·         Do NOT open unknown or suspicious attachments in emails, even if they are from senders you know.

·         Inform the Bank immediately through 0763063000 if you experience difficulty accessing your account after you have entered your “right” credentials or see repeated login pages asking for your login details.

·         If you suspect that your computer has been infected by the malware, DO NOT proceed with your online banking activities. Report to the bank immediately on 0763063000 or write to us at or

Equity Bank Ltd.